The Social Good Summit

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I mentioned on Facebook a couple of weeks ago that I recently that I attended the Social Good Summit. A big thank you to my coach (hey Naomi!) for the ticket and for the company!

The Social Good Summit is run in 80 countries around the world and asks the question "How Will We Create a Better World by 2030" to which I casually reply "I have no freakin' idea but I do know I'm going to need a coffee first".

What I'm embarrassed to admit I didn't know is that the United Nations already has a blueprint for answering that very question. Brilliant! Otherwise known as the 'Sustainability Development Goals' or SDGs for those in the loop, the Social Good Summit is an opportunity to hear from people who are in the trenches to create a better world by 2030.

The day itself was a little overwhelming, I mean, these people are like me and you and they're making a MONUMENTAL difference in the lives of others. I'm sitting there engaged, inspired and desperately trying to overcome the thought, 'yeah, good for you but who am I? '... that is until I heard Simon Rowe from Sleepbus say this;

"I always wondered why someone hadn't done anything about the homeless problem until I realised... I AM SOMEONE"

Okay, so no more excuses...except thait's hard, right? I get it. We ALL want to make a change for ourselves and for others but how do we do that? What's the blueprint? How do we actually make that happen? HOW. It's so hard!

I don't pretend to have all of the answers but here's what I learned from the Social Good Summit, and yes, it's a supremely simplified version of how I'm going to try and quiet those 'who am I?' doubts to allow me to JUST.KEEP.GOING.

1. You don't have to have it all figured out to get started. Just start.
Anna McGregor from Pollinate shared the story of buying one solar light to help one family in one slum in India. That one act let to reaching 80,000 people and close to 2,000 communities. It might seem too big of an issue, too big of a leap, too many obstacles, too hard. That's okay. Just START.
Do one thing, then do another, then do another, then....

2. You'll mess up...and that's okay
Peter Yao from The Thankyou Group talked about the first launch of their bottled water. Years of hard work and no investment led to one moment of launching this incredibly ambitious idea. It was TIME! Ultimately though, that initial launch was recalled due to incorrect labeling. Years of hard work and investment was lost because the guy looking after quality assurance at the factory went on a holiday. Devastating? Sure! Did messing up stop them? Nope! The Thankyou Group have since since launched new products and are currently lobbying Virgin to supply their airlines with food and water. Whoa.

I'll mess up and you'll mess up and others will mess up on our behalf. Just. Keep. Going.

3. Don't be afraid of a big, crazy idea! There ARE people out there who will believe in you AND your idea.
Simon Rowe from Sleepbus has, on the surface, a crazy idea. 'Let's get 319 buses and convert them in to homeless shelters.' Okay bud, how are you going to fund this? How are you going to get homeless people on buses? I've slept on a bus and it was it incredibly uncomfortable! Alas, Simon has overcome all of these limiting beliefs. He's designing secure 'pods' on the buses and has corporate sponsors on board, all in the space on 6 months. Yep, 6 months. Yep, it's possible.

So, as I navigate my own desire for change, whether personal or global, big or small, I'll keep these lessons in my back pocket to give me the little surge I need to Just.Keep.Going. I hope it does the same for you.

Much love,
Kathleen xo