Red Carpet Ready

Hi lovely,

Look, I don't mean to be a jerk given that it's Monday and hyper positive people on Mondays deserve a special place in hell but I wanted to check in quickly to reflect on what I realised watching a bit of the Oscars over lunch today.

I know this is a big call but .... I could TOTALLY rock a red carpet! ... Confident, smiling and at the top of my game? Hell yes I could!

Chances are I'll never get invited to an Oscars ceremony but that doesn't mean I can't OWN what it feels like to walk a red carpet. FEELING like I could is completely within my control and it's within your control too. Yes. It. Is.

Stop admiring and get to it.

Kathleen xo

PS) I'm not even going to go there with the 'looks' discussion ... we all know by now it's not all about the looks, right? Could the best dressed list pull it off without owning it? Nope!