The Power of Choice

Hi there lovely,

As I sit here writing this to you I'm casting my eye over the subject of the post. It feels so 'Oprah', so 'Tony Robbins', it feels so familiar and to be honest, it feels a little 'spam-esque'.

So, why am I even bothering to delve into this? Frankly, I'm not convinced we really *get it*. In fact, a quick google on Amazon(dot)com returned 11,766,188 results when I typed in the word "choice". I think it's pretty clear there's something missing here.

We WANT choice, we DON'T want choice, we don't UNDERSTAND choice, we don't HAVE a choice. Yes, okay....I hear you. The thing is, you're wrong.

You have the choice to make decisions that lead you closer to what you want from your life
You have the choice to make decisions that lead you away from what you want in your life
You have the choice for how to interpret and react to situations outside of your control
You have the choice to see the positive in the 'stuck in the mud' moments
You have the choice to eat well, exercise and to feel good about yourself
You have the choice to make a change

I think I'm tip-toeing into Oprah territory (Yeesh!) I'll move on.

Look, I get that we all have chores to do and there situations that are outside of our control that are downright tragic. How you choose to view those chores and what you DO with that tragedy IS a choice.

Hmmm *squints inquisitively*...I get the sense you still don't believe me, after all, there those tragic situations we don't choose.

I will leave you with this quote from 2015 Australian of the Year Rosie Batty. Her son was brutally murdered very publicly by her ex-husband. An undeniable tragedy certainly not chosen by her or her son.

"If Luke hadn't died in such an extreme way, I'd just be one of those 'family violence' people no one listens belief is a tragedy gives you an opportunity to make a difference. I've always admired people who did that" - Rosie Batty

Rosie has since become Australia's leading advocate in profiling the need for a nation wide conversation on domestic violence. Rosie Batty is clearly exercising her power to choose despite the most tragic of circumstances.

Exercising your right to choose is one of the best tools you have. You can use it wisely or waste it, that's 100% your call, just don't do it because I tell you, or a book tells you...or Oprah tells you. You don't NEED anything to start making good choices, you just need to do it!

As for me, I'm making two big choices right now.
1) Choosing my own adventure with this biz-nay
2) Choosing to support and respect choices others are making in their lives.

Kathleen xo