The Wisdom Project

So, I've been talking about this *thing* called 'The Wisdom Project' for a while now. It's taken me some time to get it off the ground and although it seems to have taken forever for you (what is it already?!) it's taken far longer for me.

I've been marinating on this idea for about 10 years, probably longer. It's an idea that I've started, stopped, procrastinated over and now I'm finally ready to commit to it. The timing is right. Let's go.

The Wisdom Project

Right now, the world feels 5 steps away from imploding on all of us. There's a lot of fear, uncertainty, helplessness and a profound sense of scarcity. We're spinning in circles trying to grasp something that's real and useful and will help us in some way, somehow. We're looking for a security blanket to hold to feel safe and to feel that everything is going to be okay, that WE are going to be okay.

Despite having unprecedented access to knowledge and advice we're not a lot closer to having our endless questions answered. It's all too much, too confusing and a lot of times we struggle to find the relevance for ourselves. How does this help us in our situation exactly?

Lucky for us, we have an incredible source for amazing, inspirational, practical, authentic guidance from people who've seen the world implode and survived, who've lived their own tragedies and thrived, who have amazing stories to share and incredible wisdom to pass on.

Unfortunately, right now, that wisdom and those stories are sitting in our nursing homes, they're sitting alone in houses passing the time until their next family visit (if they have one). We've somehow forgotten to learn from those who've lived it, our elders, our wise ones, the ones we used to sit and listen to, revere and learn from.

That's where The Wisdom Project comes in. I'm on a mission to talk to as many of our 'ageing population' as possible. I'm here to honour their story and to share their wisdom with you.

I will be launching the social media parts of this project in the coming months but please reach out if you know someone who'd be great to interview, or, please let me know if you have connections to this world so I can arrange MORE interviews!

If nothing else, take some time to sit and have a coffee with your elderly relatives or to talk to the older gentleman sitting alone at the park with his dog. They all have a story to share and it's more than likely going to blow your mind.

I'll keep you up to date on how we're tracking and share the stories as I go but I'll leave you this little nugget of gold from Dawn, an 83 year old I met for coffee and a Monte Carlo biscuit last week.

"Getting old creeps up on you so my advice is to go out and enjoy yourself"

...and on that note, have a sunny weekend

Kathleen xo