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LEAP is a mini-series designed to guide you through the process of making the choice to stop existing and start living. This series is shorter and sharper than the KR Coaching Series and is designed to provide you with the tools you need to guide you through the process of making positive change in your life. It's rapid, it's realistic and it's focused on making successful and lasting change.

Designed to overcome procrastination and prevent regret

What we cover

Pre-series Assessment
You will receive a survey to complete so we can hit the ground running. The survey prompts you to get clarity on what you want to achieve and why and will give you actions to start the momentum for change. There's no time to waste, you will start immediately.

Session 1 - The Process of Change (90 minutes)
I guide you through the 4 attributes of change to identify any obstacles, challenges or limiting beliefs that will prevent you from moving forward.
I introduce you to the only tool you'll ever need to identify what it is that's holding you back.

Session 2 - A Little Less Conversation, A Lot More Action (90 minutes)
I introduce you to the process for change to identify where you are and what you need to do to move forward.
We uncover and address any lingering obstacles or limiting beliefs and create a series of short, medium and long term goals and actions. You leave this session with a plan you KNOW will lead you to achieve EXACTLY what you want.

Session 3 - Discipline and Accountability (90 minutes)
We talk the tough stuff. You have now identified exactly what you want to achieve and you have a plan of attack but let's face it, change and choice is not always, in fact it's rarely, an easy process. Session 3 focuses on
- Managing and maintaining your environment for success
- Developing your 'First Aid Kit' for when things don't go as expected or as planned
- Tools and techniques for dealing with confused, questioning or unsupportive friends and family
- Developing your own rhythm to ensure you're maintaining the momentum you've developed.

Follow Up
I don't pack my bags and leave after our series.
We meet for 30 minutes after our series to talk through any concerns or challenges and to celebrate your success!!

“I went into our first session not really knowing what to expect. I’d had a few things floating around on my mental “to do” list for a while but no spare time to get to them since having a baby. Within minutes of our first chat, Kathleen helped me distil exactly what I hoped to achieve. By our second session, I’d made huge progress on my “dream” goal. In one week I’d achieved something that had been sitting on my to do list for two and a half years! I couldn’t believe it.
— Amanda Scotland

What's included

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- Pre-series Assessment
- 3 x 90 minute sessions
- 1 x 30 minute follow up call
- Action Planning Workbook
- Specially designed 'LEAP' worksheets and templates for you to keep
Unlimited email support throughout the series


This is YOUR time to create the life you want. What you get is what you put in. You can expect your worksheets, templates and homework to take you at least 2 hours per week in addition to time spent in our one-on-one sessions

$475, paid for in advance of the 1st one-on-one session

Need more detail or keen to start ASAP?

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