Active Mind Meditation is active, purposeful, meaningful and incredibly focused.

I developed this meditation technique after years of frustration with myself and what I perceived as my failure to 'clear the clutter'. I was over thinking anything and everything. I was failing to move forward and still use it for when I'm not able to think my way to an outcome.

My meditation sessions usually went something like this...

"This is great, I can do this ... my left foot is itchy, do you reckon they'd judge me if I scratched it? .... argh, quieten my mind and focus on the words... Oh man, I'm so hunnnnggrrrryyy.... argh, stop thinking, I'm meant to be meditating... I need new yoga pants, I might go on Thursday night ... shhhhh... I don't know why I bother, I suck at meditation"

I know I'm not the only one...I hear you, but here's the thing....

Thoughts aren't clutter, they're there to serve us. Sure, they may need sorting, organising, understanding, focusing and perhaps tweaking but an attempt to remove them is doing us more harm than good.

Active Mind Meditation works well for when you can't think your way through a situation or you've thought about it so much that it's become MORE confusing.

What to expect

Set your intention - 10 minutes
We go through a process of identifying what you want to focus on.

Meditating with ‘laser beam focus’ - 20 minutes
You will be guided through a meditation personalised for you and your area of focus.

Post meditation action plan - 10 minutes
You'll gain so much clarity on what you're focusing on you're going to want to make it happen. We discuss what came up during the meditation process and develop an action plan to address whatever it is that emerged.

Prices & Packages

Private sessions
Single session -$50
5 x session pack - $240 (valid for 3 months)
10 x session pack - $450 (valid for 6 months)

Purchase a 10 session pack and receive a beautiful KR Coaching diary. You're going to want to write down your insights, goals and actions in something beautiful (...and I know you love a freebie)


Group Sessions
I am not currently offering regular group meditation sessions however I still run group sessions on request.

You may have a group of friends, colleagues or perhaps a mother’s group looking for something a bit different.  Contact me so we can chat about what you’re thinking and how we can make it happen.